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 LONE STAR HEMPCRETE™ is a Christian based company and we put God first in all we do. We strives to be an industry leader in this emerging market utilizing Hempcrete in design and construction to give our future customers the green dream home they've always wanted to reduce our carbon footprint while using the most cost effective materials we can offer.

We believe that a building should exist in harmony within its environment and in nature. This has been our focus since its inception in 2019. We believe that in the school of architecture where it was all about shapes and sterile industrial look and cookie cutter homes of brick, cement siding, fiberglass. insulation, sheetrock and paint there has to be a more eco friendly alternative and one of the answers is LONE STAR HEMPCRETE™ of Texas!


As a society, we are becoming more aware and conscious of the world in which we live and the impact we can make (both negatively and positively) on our environment. The adoption of green construction is growing in popularity to help reduce carbon emissions.


One such method involves building with hemp plants, which has become known as hempcrete. The resurgence of the hemp industry has opened doors to create innovative ways of building environmentally friendly homes. Additionally, it cost-effective and one of the best ways to insulate houses and buildings throughout the year.


Hempcrete is a mixture of hemp hurds, lime binder and water. Hemp holds a high silica content that helps it to bind well with lime. The end result is a lightweight, cementitious and insulating material which weighs only one-eighth to that of concrete. Most importantly, it is able to absorb and store large amounts of carbon dioxide gas, making it a carbon-reducing option


We firmly believes Hempcrete architecture should be firmly rooted in place using local resources and materials


This is our ethos!


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building green and building DREAMS™